Advent Study, Part II

My friends,

Here’s the link to the second week  of the Advent study. Again, there are both audio files and a PowerPoint presentation. Hope you find it useful.

God’s peace,

Br. James


6 responses to “Advent Study, Part II

  1. Thanks, James!


  2. Hi James, Excellent. But I seem not to have received Part I. Can you send that again?

    Thanks again for coming to my party. It was good to have you there. Like you, I have lived in several very different worlds, and I rather imagine that there are not many people at St Mark’s who know what I’ve done. It is perhaps good for the soul to age into anonymity, but it is also good to have a witness!

  3. Chip Prehn, Headmaster of Trinity School, Midland, Texas USA

    Good stuff, Friar. Thank you. cp

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