This site contains the work of an Anglican Dominican brother.  I live and work in San Antonio, Texas, along with my two silly dogs.  I belong to the Anglican Order of Preachers, to which I am most grateful.  The name of the blog, Domini Canes, derives from an old pun.  Members of the Dominican Order were known as “hounds of the Lord”, which in Latin sounds a lot like “Dominican”.

The Legal Stuff:  Unless otherwise indicated, the thoughts here are my own, with the exception of the images I re-post (in which I claim no ownership interest).

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  1. What a wonderful blog Pax, Br. John-Paul p/OSB

  2. thank you for visiting and “liking” the prayer that I wrote. I am very happy when visiting your site. Love all that I have read and subscribed!

  3. Brother James. You are the first member of any clergy to read my blog and actually click the Like button instead of sending me a harshly worded email as to my ignorance. Thank you so much for reading and for being tolerant and kind.

    All the best.

    – Nelson

    • Nelson,

      Actually, I’m a lay brother, and not clergy. But I think what you said speaks well to all of us who need the occasional reminder that Jesus saved his harshest criticism for those he called “hypocrites.” I know I need that reminder regularly.

      God’s peace, my friend,

      Br. James

  4. Thanks for visiting our site and liking our post about pacifism. It’s always nice to get visits, especially from overseas (isn’t it a small world) and to see what other bloggers are writing about.
    (I’m writing in my capacity as internet person at http://reigatepeacegroups.wordpress.com – thought I’d better mention that as I think my primary blog, a work-related one, will show up as my gravatar, which might be confusing!)

  5. Congratulations, your blog has been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award. See my blog post, Three in a Week, at http://jodiq.wordpress.com/2012/01/21/three-in-a-week/ for details and why I think you’re worthy. Proud to be blogging beside you, Jodi Q

  6. Jodi,

    You’re too kind. Many thanks,

    Br. James

  7. Hello there Brother James,
    I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to read my article on monasticism! It’s always nice to know that someone enjoyed reading what I really enjoyed writing! I’m looking forward to perusing your blog as well.

    All the best,

    • Meaghan,

      I really loved the piece on monasticism and you are a gifted writer. I look forward to reading more of your work.

      Peace and joy,

      Br. James

  8. Hey Brother James,
    While I haven’t had time to go deep into your archives, I have spent some time reading recent works, and I am excited to have found your writing. You have been gifted with a great ability to convey the truths of Scripture. Thanks for making these words available.
    Also, thanks for all the encouragement.


    • Dear Sweat family,

      I’m glad you’ve enjoyed the recent stuff. (You probably don’t need to go into the archives, because it seems like I mostly repeat myself, mostly because I am gifted with the grace of not recalling what I’ve said.)

      You are most welcome, and I thank you for your support as well.

      God’s peace on you and your house,

      Br. James

  9. I would be interested in knowing more about your own personal journey that led you to become a novice, if you are comfortable with telling it.

  10. Br. James — thank you for your work. Are you on Facebook? I’d like to talk with you c/ about “The Sacred Pauses”, especially in regards to the saints. Peace to you.

  11. Hello Brother James, Thanks for reading my last post and liking it. I added a preface to let people know that I am not bashing anyone’s doctrine, but I see that you already knew that. Thanks for your encouragement and all of your notes.

    “Sister Olive”

    • Olive,

      I hope no one thought you were bashing their doctrine. I certainly didn’t take it as such. But I’ve always thought God and his people mattered a lot more than doctrine, anyway.

      Pax Christi,

      Br. James

  12. No one so far has thought so, but I thought it would be wise to add a little preface. The point of the piece was to show the damage that believers can do in the name of doctrine. You are right, that people are the most important thing. Thanks for your note!

    Peace be with you.

  13. I admire your work and your style, and I have nominated you for the versatile blogger award. Please accept it here:

    Peace & Grace,
    Olive Twist

  14. Alethea Eason

    Thank you so much for finding my blog. Have a blessed Holy Week.

  15. Great Blog! I am glad there are Anglican Preachers! I too am in San Antonio, what Parish do you worship at?

  16. beautiful parish! love the high altar. we are at st. paul’s, you should preach some time?

  17. Brother James,
    I am really enjoying your blog and your insight, brother. I’ve gotten several ideas for sermons from your writtings. Much appreciated! May He continue to bless and keep you.

  18. Greetings Brother James: I have nominated you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award.” If you choose to accept, please swing by and scoop up your award at http://armouredup.wordpress.com/2012/07/21/very-inspiring-blogger-award/. You inspire me!! Blessings…

  19. Thank you for the encouragement stopping by My Hmmm Collection and clicking the Like button. With the exception of my Pastor, I believe you are the only member of the clergy who has stopped by for a visit; I am very humbled. Thank you!
    Keep the Faith!

    • Karin,

      You’re most welcome, and it was my pleasure to stop by, although actually, I’m a lay brother rather than a member of the clergy.

      God’s great peace,

      Br. James

  20. Thank you for stopping by my blog. Glad to have you. Blessings.

  21. I was glad to do so, Wendy. Grace and peace,

    Br. James

  22. How would a laicized Dominican priest Roman Catholic enter your Anglican Order of preachers

  23. Thanks for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your
    further write ups thank you once again.

  24. Thank you, my Brother !! I am an ordained Dominican priest (retired) who, hopefully, will soon be an Anglican Dominican. Blessed Resurrection Day! Austin, O.P.

  25. Please point me in the direction of Episcopal Dominicans in Tennessee or elsewhere in the southeast. I am a parishioner at Christ Church Cathedral in Nashville, TN, a graduate of Vanderbilt Divinity and very interested in the order.

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