Prayer Requests

I thought I’d create a space for those in  this community to add their prayer requests.  Please feel free to leave a comment with any prayer requests you’d like to leave.  I promise I’ll pray daily in intercession, without exception.  I’d ask others in this community to do so as well, as time permits.  If you’d rather not share your requests publicly, please feel free to send an email to me privately to

God’s peace.

51 responses to “Prayer Requests

  1. I ask your prayers for my niece, Stephanie, and her doctors who are trying to restore her to good health. She has been ill with numerous and various symptoms for at least 8 years. Please pray for God’s to show His great mercy to her. Thank you!

  2. For Ken Penrod, a faithful member of our parish, who has brain cancer.

    • Vance,

      I will keep Ken in my daily prayers.

      God’s peace

    • I was wondering how Det.Penrod’s treatment is going. I will continue to keep him on our prayer list and continue praying for his recovery

      • Brother James

        I will try and find out Traci. When last I heard, he was nearing the end of a long course of radiation. Thanks for your concern, and more importantly, your prayers.

        Br. James

      • Brother James


        I got an email today that Ken has completed his brain surgery and his radiation therapy. He still has some struggles, but he’s doing as well as could be reasonably expected. We are thankful for the prayers, and for your kindness.

        Br. James

      • Thank you Brother James for the update. I’m glad he is doing well. God is good!!!

  3. Please pray for my wife. We found out two months ago she has breast cancer and between caring for our 2 year old trying to work and being fairly young (she’s 35) it’s been incrediably stressful.

    • Chris,

      I’m so sorry to learn this. I hope she’s getting good medical care. She and your family will remain in my daily prayers. God watch over you and your house, my friend.

  4. I ask your prayers for my friend Mike; husband and father of a 12-year-old son who has recently been diagnosed wiht pancreatic cancer after two years of every test imaginable. He is in severe pain and the cancer appears to be advancing rapidly. His family is, naturally, distraut, and his friends are grieving. Cancer is such an ugly enemy. And still I am called to praise God. I confess I’m finding it hard in this moment.

  5. Of course, Barbara. I will pray for Mike, his family and for those who care for them. I’m so very sorry.

  6. I desperately need a 40 hr week job. I’ve applied at a number of places for a server position. Please pray that one of them will contact me soon and offer me the hours I need so I can afford my house & bills. Thank you so much for your prayers!

  7. Thank you Brother James for the information. We’ve had a bad day here and hearing that makes the day a little better. We’ll continuing praying for Det. Penrod and his family

  8. I have three friends who are very ill- their names are Audrey, Kathy, and Georgia. I will also pray for you and your ministries. Thank you for this beautiful restful site.

  9. Br. James,

    Please pray for my brother who is going through a tough time in his life and struggling in his faith.

    Thank you! 🙂

  10. Amuche Mabel Ekpereamaka

    Greetings in Jesus name, I want God to give peace, love & unity to me and my family. Send a divine sponsor to enable me go to school & remove tears and sorrows in my life. And give me grace to obey his words.

  11. Please pray for Leo for healing and restoration. thank you! and God bless you!

  12. Please pray for “Julie Catherine” at WordPress and her Brother who is to be treated for spinal cancer. my deepest Gratitude, Linda

  13. Is it fine to insert part of this in my website if perhaps I publish a reference point to this web site?

  14. barbaraduffield

    I ask your prayers for my youngest son Jeremy. He has been struggling with a situation between him and his father that is exceedingly painful for him. I miss the days when I could “kiss and make it better.” Bless you Br. James for your prayerful presence.

  15. barbaraduffield

    Thank you, my friend.

  16. Please pray for Susan who is a wife, mother, professor and beloved friend battling lymphoma cancer.

  17. Prayer update: with great joy I can say that my friend Mike (above) has been determined not to have the cancer they believed he had. (Miracles do still happen in these times.) He had surgery and they removed half of his colon and so far, six weeks out from surgery, he is doing very well. Still weak, but gaining strength and endurance every day. Thanks for your prayers and support, and thanks be to God that He truly is the Great Physician.

  18. Please pray for my daughters ; one has left NYC to find a new life in NM, the younger is close to the end of getting a master degree in electrical engineering , two more months so far away.

  19. Hi
    I have a favour to ask. Could you please remember my husband (and our family, but especially him) in prayer over the next two weeks. I cannot go into details, but will simply say he needs prayer for his mind and soul. I am sharing with you because I need to know that I am not alone in this effort to pray for him. I love him dearly, and want only the best for him, for us, but the next two weeks will be ones of confronting his demons, and it will get worse, before it gets better … But we serve a God who creates beauty from ashes, and I know He will do that in our, in my husband’s life.
    With humble thanks,

    • My dear Carole,

      You and your husband and your family will remain in my prayers. I pray that you feel God’s presence in your life, His loving eyes upon you, and His hand lifting you up.

      God’s rich peace,

      Br. James

      • It has been three years … three years!?
        Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for lifting us up to our Saviour who has not, does not, just save us once, but over and over and over again, from ourselves.
        If I could sit with you, and share the past three years, I would share the story of peace, of reconciliation, of redemption that I could not have even dreamed possible. I would share of healing and blessings … and hard, hard work. But, mostly, I would share that with God all things are possible.
        For he is worthy to receive all the glory, and honour and praise!
        And I thank you for being part of this story.

      • I am so happy to hear this news!

        God’s great peace,

        Br. James

  20. Prayer for miracle of financial miracle to get married we in dere need of R159 000,to pay lobola please prayer for uncommmon,unexpected,unthinkble miracle if south africa,672 block i letlhabile,we need a miracle

  21. Could You pray that I could have a girlfriend and better financial circumstances. Thank you. Bless you.

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  23. Please pray for physical healing of Gerry Barker. Thank you very much.

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