Monthly Archives: August 2012

While I’m Away

My dear friends,

I will be away for a while meeting with my brothers and sisters in the Dominican Order.  While I’m away, through God’s grace, I will hopefully take my life vows within the Order.  At that point, theoretically, I won’t be a Novice anymore, although I suspect I’ll always be a bit of a novice.

While I’m away, I’d ask that you keep me in your prayers.  You will certainly be in mine.  May the Lord bless you and keep you, and make His face to shine upon you, and keep you strong in the knowledge of His love.

This is a bit like rafting down a river in a canoe and hearing the sound of the falls grow louder and louder.  A dear friend told me yesterday to put away the paddles and just enjoy the ride.  I think I’ll do just that.

God watch over thee and me,

James R. Dennis, O.P.

© 2012 James R. Dennis